TSP or “Traditional Slapstick Pantomimes” was founded in 2016 by the Company Director Jamie Smith.
 Based in Surrey, TSP are currently the resident pantomime script writers for the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford, with the 2017/18 season marking their fourth collaboration. During those four years we have written scripts to feature Judy Cornwell, Jodie Lawrence, June Whitfield, Brian Blessed, Janie Dee Kit Hesketh Harvey (Kit & the Widow) and Dillie Keane of Fascinating Aida as well as all of the young and local talent that make our stories come to life every Christmas.   
Jamie is a self-confessed Pantoholic, with a wealth of knowledge as both a performer and “punter”. A lifelong comedy and slapstick fan, in 2014 Jamie collaborated on his first professional panto script with a co-writer, before going solo the following year. The seeds of TSP were planted.

 As an actor Jamie played numerous stooge roles before taking on the mantle of Lead Comic at the Arnaud during the 2013/14 season. His love of comedy and slapstick means that each script is ram packed with gags and physical theatre, whilst still holding on to the heart of any panto – the story.  We use traditional routines with a modern twist as well as ensuring there is at least one 'slosh' scene in every show with custard pies, eggs, flour and water flying all over the place.  Probably best not to sit on the front row of one of our shows if you've just had a perm!     

The company is relatively new and of course looking to grow like the proverbial beanstalk. We are currently seeking musical composers, set designers & makers and stage illusionists with whom we could possibly work with.
 If this could be you… please feel free to be in touch.

TSP would like to thank James Barber, YAT Director, for his guidance and support over the past four years.
 Thanks also to Peter ‘PG’ Gordon and Ray Griffiths for their support and for helping bring our characters to life.
Jamie is a proud supporter of National Panto Day, The National Database of Pantomime Performance
and the Panto Archive, all of which strive to promote this fabulous British art form.

Have a look at the fabulous panto stories we have available and keep up to date with upcoming new titles. 

Commission a Script

Need a bespoke script for your next production.  Speak to us about your needs.  We cater for both professional and amateur clients. 

Scenery & Props

Need a specific piece of scenery, a special prop or magic illusion.  Maybe we can help.
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